B~MUSIC, October 15thLos Angeles, Chicago, New York

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B~Music is all about opening the gateway of music exploration for young girls and women. We provide participants with the tools to express themselves creatively while being adventurous with technology. The free one-day program allows youth to learn about music theory, composition, production and performance as well as business. Students immerse themselves in a comprehensive, modern, technology-rich and innovative environment. The skills that they learn reaches beyond a specific occupation but encourages and inspires them to learn and achieve.It’s all about bringing together diverse skillsets and interests while putting inspiration, creativity and ingenuity center stage.

Event Highlights

B~Music is for young girls and women ranging from middle school through college. We’re cultivating a dynamic opportunity for participants to learn the art and business of music by fostering mentorship led collaborations, product & business development as well as pitching concepts and strategies to industry professionals. Students showcase their work to a panel of industry professionals and win an opportunity to perform their song in front of a live audience.
Registration for the B~Music will open in the fall. Those who would like to participate in the one-day multi-city event must register. Invitation priority will be given to those who sign-up the earliest and space is limited.
The one-day multi-city event is by invitation only. Participants are selected from those who register and don’t need specific training in an instrument, understanding of standard notation or music theory. Through technology, students have at their disposal an array of sounds to work with, translating music to a visual language and creating a grid pattern that allows them to see the music and get rhythms and melodies going. Participants will have a dynamic opportunity to showcase their music using a variety of instruments through technology-based programs.
B~Music is for musicians and non-musicians alike. It’s all about bringing together diverse interests and skillsets to collaborate and build. Whether you’re into songwriting, singing, playing instruments, producing, marketing, business or any other discipline this program is for you. This is a unique immersive experience for young girls and women to engage in the business and art or music that is otherwise inaccessible without formal training.
B~Music takes place in the fall and to apply click register, complete the form and submit. Participants are accepted on a first enroll basis. The workshops are divided by age groups 8-13, high school and college level. Locations are TBD.

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