Digital Storytellers FAQ



  • What is the VidCon Digital Storytellers program?
    VidCon’s Digital Storytellers program provides a dynamic opportunity for female content creators of color. High school and college level women engage in an immersive hands-on experience at VidCon’s 2018 mega video conference. In collaboration with their peers and mentors, participants create content strategies and produce short form videos.
  • What is the purpose and goal of the program?
    The primary goal of the program is to provide an invaluable experience in developing and producing online video content. Participants will have an opportunity to explore an array of topics from the ideation process, media development and production to branding, consumer insights and marketing. With leading industry professionals as mentors they develop and produce content. Students are not only able to network and gain experience but garner educational and career insights. The program is a solution-based platform that offers a viable pathway for the next generation of video content creators.
  • When and where is the program being held?
    The program runs Monday, June 18nd through Saturday, June 23rd in Anaheim, California. The program runs 8:30 am – 4:30pm each day. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you have special food preferences or allergies, we ask that you prepare your breakfast and lunch. It’s mandatory that participants fully attend all 6 days.
  • Who can participate in the program?
    The program is for minority high school and college level female students. The goal is to increase diversity and build a viable pathway for emerging talent of color. *NOTE: If this is the summer before your first year of high school or after your last year of college, you are welcome to apply.
  • When and where do I register for the program?
    To apply simply fill out the online application form. Applications to attend the workshop should include answers to all questions presented on the registration form and link to previous work. Also, be sure to include a YouTube link to unlisted video (1-min or less) sharing your thoughts on how the program will benefit you both personally and professionally.
  • When is the application deadline and when will applicants be informed about acceptance?
    Application deadline is June 4th and acceptance e-mails will be sent no later than June 5th. We will also follow-up with a call to student and guardian.
  • What happens during the program?
    Participants work in teams to develop content strategies and produce short form video content around VidCon’s mega video conference ( Students will also take photos and post videos around their experience via their social media platforms. Prior to the conference, participants will develop content strategies and outline their goals and objectives. Each team will be guided by a professional severing as a mentor. However, students must develop, shoot and edit their own video content. They also create and implement all post assets (i.e. graphics, titles, color corrections, sound sweetening, music, etc.).
  • How are teams formed?
    Teams are formed based on diverse interests and skill level after application evaluation. Highs school and college students will collaborate on a team. The high school student will also participate as an on-camera talent. College students will lead in all pre and post-production aspects. Each team member should bring different skills to the table such as writing, producing, editing, on-camera hosting, production, project management, etc. Professionals will serve as mentors and help guide students through the program.
  • Is previous experience creating content or on-camera hosting required?
    No prior knowledge or experience is required for high school students to be selected for on-camera hosting. However, content creation experience is a plus. College level students should have some form of experience in producing video content. We are also looking for those who are eager to learn and full of ideas. Links to on-camera hosting and/or previous online content should be submitted with online application.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The program is 100% free! All we ask for your enthusiasm, honest efforts, collaborative spirit and positive attitude.
  • How many applicants are invited to the program?
    We will invite 9 high school and college level students. We will also have a waiting list in the event an applicant we’ve invited is unable to participate. It’s mandatory that participants fully attend all 6 days. If you have schedule conflicts (i.e. vacation, doctor appointments or any reason to arrive late or end the day early, etc.) we ask that you do not apply. Since it’s a collaborative curriculum, all applicants must participate the entire day, each day.
  • When will applicants be notified if they are accepted?
    We will send e-mail invitations to participants no later than June 5th. We will also follow-up
    with a call to student and guardian.
  • Is there transportation and lodging available?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation and lodging. Participants must be local and be able to provide their own transportation to and from the program. Please note that the program is from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. So we encourage those in the Anaheim, California, area to apply.
  • Is there a waiting list and how does it work?
    Yes, we call this our reserve list and the applicants on this list will be notified of any changes immediately. In the event there is a cancelation before the program starts, we will select the next applicant on our reserve list. If an applicant does not show the day of the event, the next available applicant on our reserve list will be able to participate in their place. Thus reserve applicants must also be prepared to participate upon short notice and even arrive at the location the day of. Those who are on the reserve list will be notified of their status prior.
  • What should I bring to the program if invited?
    Please bring a laptop, tablet, phone, and charger, power supply, USB and portable drives, pens, writing pad, markers, etc. Above all else, bring your energy, collaborative spirit and brainpower. However having a laptop, tablet, etc. is not required to participate.
  • What project must be complete during the program?
    During the program teams create mock concepts using on-line resources, graphics, photos, videos and other resources. At the end of the program teams will be expected to showcase their concepts and pitch their product strategies.
  • Who will see your video content and what’s the benefit?
    Participants video content and photos will be posted on B~STEM Project’s and VidCon’s social media platforms. Our partners and top YouTube influencers will also share it. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to learn, showcase your work and skills. Participants will not only be mentored but be able to gain insights and network with industry leaders, content creators and the community at large.
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