B~STEM Project FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the B~STEM Project?
    B~STEM Project represents the Business of Science Technology Engineering & Math. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for young girls and women to engage, learn and grow in business and STEM related disciplines across industries. Through our face-to-face events and programs as well as online initiatives we offer a host of dynamic educational experiences. Our interdisciplinary approach integrates business and STEM into a diverse yet cohesive learning paradigm. Through our content, programming, mentoring and rich toolset, we prepare young girls and women for successful careers.
  • What is B~STEM ‘s mission?
    Our mission is to increase the number of young girls and women pursing higher education as well as those interested in entering into STEM related professions and careers in other fields. While preparing them professionally, we also have a strong focus on personal development. This holistic approach qualifies the next generation of professionals to not only enter into the technology driven workforce, but also lead it.
  • How is the B~STEM Project different from other STEM programs?
    Many STEM related programs focus solely on exposing youth and young adults to STEM specific disciplines, however there is a large segment girls and young women that are not aware of countless career opportunities that exist. Without this awareness they become discouraged, disinterested and disconnected. Our belief is that understanding all aspect of business and technology is central to success any career. It’s not enough to learn how to perfect a skill, but just as imperative to have a broader knowledge and perspective of the industry. Our business-based, 360-degree approach allows us to cater to a larger segment of the population.


  • What kind of programs do you have?
    We offer programs that develop and enhance a wide range of skillsets, from learning specific aspects of business and leadership to coding and product development. Our holistic approach is to expose young girls and women to various career opportunities while seeking to make them more well-rounded. For a comprehensive list and more details take a look at our What We Do page.
  • Who can participate in the B~STEM Project?
    The B~STEM project is primarily focused on young girls and women from 8 – 25 years of age, however, we also offer special events for professional women already in the field.
  • Do you offer a membership and is there a fee?
    Yes and No. Our membership is free for young girls and women from 8 – 25. Simply click Join Us and fill out the form to become a member.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member?
    Access to endless opportunities, whether we’re in your city or having the ability to participate on-line. We offer tons of exposure to new and exciting industries while helping participants to enhance their skillsets. We keep our members up-to-date on what exciting tings are happening in our community whether an event, program, scholarship or technology opportunity. Even more importantly is a dynamic way to build an amazing network of like-minded people with similar goals. Simply click Join Us and fill out the form.
  • How do you register to specific events / programs?
    You can apply to B~STEM Project events /programs through our on-line application. Simply go to Register and click the link.
  • When can you apply to B~STEM Project events / programs?
    Please check our Calendar to find out when we’re accepting applications and the deadlines. If you apply before or after the deadline you application will not be considered.
  • What is the acceptance criteria?
    Anyone who is passionate, committed, and has a thirst for knowledge and new experience meets our criteria. It’s not about what you already know, but rather your willingness to share and work diligently to achieve. We encourage those that like to explore, create, learn and collaborate to apply.


  • What are B~STEM Project Ambassadors?
    Our Ambassadors provide invaluable insight to ensure all of our programs and initiatives are in alignment with the needs of those we serve. They volunteer for B~STEM Project’s programs and initiatives, as well as help us develop ideas. They lead, organize and/or participate in business and technology related events in their communities.
  • How long does one serve as a B~STEM Project Ambassador?
    Ambassadors serve for one year
  • How do you apply to be B~STEM Project Ambassador?
    You can apply to become a B~STEM Project Ambassador through our application process. We are not currently accepting applications for 2016. Please check back in in mid-October for 2017 submissions.
  • What is the acceptance criteria?
    Being a B~STEM Project Ambassador is of high esteem. Our Ambassador Program is a group of outstanding student leaders who are selected to represent the B~STEM project in many capacities. Student Ambassadors are dedicated to our students’ success, diversity, and leadership. Ambassadors enjoy working with people, are committed to creating change in their community and are excited about sharing their experiences with others. They understand the importance of education and can have an interest in any professional industry. Eligibility includes a good academic standing with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. Submission of at least one (2) letters of recommendation and completion of the B~STEM Project Ambassador application.
  • Can B~STEM Project Ambassadors reside in any city or internationally?
    Yes, our Ambassadors can reside anywhere in the world!
  • Do B~STEM Project Ambassadors attend events in different cities?
    Yes. When possible, we invite our Ambassadors to participate in other cities and internationally which is made possible through corporate partnerships and donations to the foundation.


  • What are Mentors?
    Mentors are professionals with expertise in specific areas that volunteer their time, skill and knowledge as a facilitator, leader or lecturer in any of our programs, events or initiatives.
  • How does one become a Mentor?
    Simply by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] about who you are, your background and what discipline you are interested in mentoring in, along with which program, dates and times you are available for. If we have all the mentors required for a specific program we will keep your information on file for other opportunities.
  • Are Mentors paid or given a stipend?
    No. Mentors volunteer their time to build, empower and inspire young girls and women.
  • Can you be a virtual Mentor?
    Yes. Our Mentors can reside anywhere in the world. In addition to our off-line programs, we offer virtual opportunities that include a mentorship program.


  • Do you work with other organizations?
    Yes. We actively seek partnerships that are in alignment with our mission and goals. We determine the cope of the partnership on a case-by-case basis. Collaborations are key to us achieving our goals and fulfilling our mission.
  • What kinds of partnership do you form?
    It varies and all partnerships are based on a mutually beneficial alliance. We strongly believe in community building through strategic collaborations.


  • How can I become a Volunteer?
    It’s simple. Let us know you’re interested by sending an email to [email protected] about who you are, your background and what area you are interested in volunteering in, and include which program, dates and times you are available. If we have all the volunteers required for a specific program we will keep your information on file for other opportunities. We also look for mentors to donate skills like website development, graphic designer, public relations, marketing, production, sales and the like.
  • Can you be a virtual Volunteer?
    Yes. Our Volunteers can reside anywhere in the world. Besides the off-line programs we offer virtual opportunities.


  • What are your sponsorship opportunities?
    Our sponsors enable us to provide a myriad of opportunities through our on and off-line programming. We offer a variety of customized packages whether your company is looking to support one event / program or B~STEM Project’s yearly calendar. Your partnership allows us to develop programs and events as well as provide books, school supplies, scholarships, technology and other resources.


  • Is B~STEM Project a for-profit or non-profit organization?
    Both. Through B~STEM Project, Inc. we run most of our programs and events. And through B~STEM Project Foundation, we seek grants and look to serve as a viable resource for parents and students by providing school supplies, books, technology and other educational needs. We see ourselves as an extension to our participants’ education and simply seek to enhance their experience.
  • When I make a donation where does the money go?
    Your financial support helps us to foster and empower young girls and women through our programs, events and initiatives. It’s your financial contribution that helps the B~STEM Project Foundation to transform lives. All checks can be made payable to B~STEM Project Foundation our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and are tax deductible.