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FEMME Alliance’s mission is to address the underrepresentation of women working in entertainment, media and advertising industries nationwide. Our pathways internship program offers an immersive, hands-on, interdisciplinary experience to emerging talent. It allows students to produce content on a professional level in a professional environment, covering areas from pre to post production. It also gives participants in-depth insights into core business areas such as branding, marketing, distribution and finance. In collaboration with students, academia, leading professionals and companies, our goal is to provide a holistic educational and career development experience.


We’re engaging participants in real-life workplace scenarios to better prepare them for career opportunities. The program is for college-level women interested in gaining invaluable insights as well as cultivating their skills when it comes to working in entertainment, media and advertising industries.
Internships are in collaboration with students and their college / university. It requires 15-20 hours weekly. Upon approval by educational institution the internship can be used as earned credit hours. The days, times, length and overall structure of internships are developed on a per project basis in collaboration with participating company.
The program includes both paid and non-paid internship opportunities. We also look to provide public transportation allowances when available and applicable. These aspects will be determined based on our partnerships and available funding. Applicants are submitted by partnering colleges / universities. Program applications are provided only through the student’s attending institution.
During the internship participants work in small teams to develop, shoot and edit short content while being mentored by professional talent. Students will also create project business strategies. The subject matter, theme and style of content, is determined on a per internship basis. Completed strategies and projects are presented and later distributed on national platforms. Participants receive a certificate of completion and attend culminating event.
Students must work with their college / university to garner permission to use equipment. All equipment used during internship must be insured by the institution and/or student. We do not provide production equipment and/or facilities. Our goal is to work with corporations to create invaluable career development opportunities. We also work as facilitators throughout the program to ensure both the students and companies are gaining great value.
Internships are offered nationally to college-level women interested in entertainment, media and advertising industries. Students should inquire with their school regarding opportunities. Colleges / Universities can also request to partner with us. Internships vary based on participating companies. For more information please refer to our FAQ section.


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