Hall of Fame Films FAQ

Hall of Fame Films FAQ


  • What is the Hall of Fame Films Contest?
    Hall of Fame Films aims to connect female content creators and trailblazing women with a cinematic twist. We give storytellers an opportunity to make short films highlighting leading women across industries that have a significant connection to technology and innovation. This contest creates a unique platform for aspiring, emerging and professional female content creators and allows them to develop educational, entertaining and inspiring stories about women who have made an indelible impact in their industry.
  • Why is it being held?
    It’s an exciting way to celebrate Women’s History Month and give a voice to female content creators at all stages of their careers. We know the enormous impact that images and storytelling have on our global community, so it is our mission is to educate and inspire female content creators through film and to give participants a unique opportunity to discover and connect with women who have and continue to pave the way. In this age of technology, women are making their mark on this field and changing the way we live and interact with the world around us. This is a dynamic way to bring together past and present to create a brighter future is fundamental in empowering talent.
  • What kind of content is accepted and what is the running time?
    The content should highlight a trailblazing woman in the industries provided by B~STEM Project. She must have a clear and significant impact on technology and innovation. Content can be in any style or genre i.e. documentary, docu-reality, animation, music video and the like. We encourage creative storytelling. Video must run no longer than 5 minutes length.
  • Who qualifies to participate?
    Individuals and/ or teams must satisfy the following criteria:

    • Have a female writer and director
    • Be at least 14 years of age or older
    • Teams can consist of both males and females
  • How do you register to participate in the HOFF Competition?
    • Submit a document (i.e. PowerPoint format) that highlights team members with brief bio to bstemhoff@gmail.com. Please include email and phone numbers for Writer, Director and Producer.
    • Include a link to a video no longer than 1 minute, introducing yourself. All videos must also answer the following question – “Why are female content creators and stories about leading women in technology important now and in the future?” Please mark video as UNLISTED.
    • Submission must be received via email no later than 11:59 pm on February 27th.
  • How much time is given to produce the short content?
    On March 1st you will receive your assigned industry via the e-mail provided in your application. Teams will have from March 1st through March 15th to find their heroine, shoot, edit, and upload their film to YouTube.
  • When must the content be submitted?
    Links to content must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on March 15th. Please mark videos as UNLISTED.
  • When can we share our videos with the public?
    No submissions entered into the competitions can be shared before April 24th.
  • How do you submit your final project?
    Submission package must be submitted via e-mail to bstemhoff@gmail.com
  • What should the submissions include?
    • YouTube link to video.
    • A visual presentation of social media engagement (i.e. PowerPoint)
    • Links to at least three vlogs that highlight your behind the scenes process. These vlogs are to be no longer than 1 minute in length, and each should focus on a different element of filmmaking such as — brainstorming, filming, storytelling and editing. You must not reveal the main character’s identity in these vlogs.
  • What is considered in the judging process?
    • Social Media engagement during the filming process via Vlogs.
    • General social media engagement (including @BSTEMProject, #HoFFilms2017)
    • A visual presentation of social media engagement (i.e. PowerPoint)
    • YouTube link to video.
    • B~STEM Project committee to select finalists and semi-finalists. The winners by March 21st.
    • Finalists and Semi-finalists will be screened for a panel of judges consisting of entertainment industry executives and five finalists will be announced by March 24th.
  • What criteria will the judges use?
    During the contest judging period, video will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Originality
    • Storytelling
    • Biographical content
    • Creativity
    • Cinematography/Videography
    • Entertainment/Educational Value
    • Team dynamic
    • Overall Quality of Entry
  • What is the prize for winning?

    Winners will get pitch meeting with members of our panel of judges. Finalists and semi-finalists can pitch works of their choice but in alignment with the genre of content the company is looking for spanning film, television and advertising.

    Participants from winning teams will have a chance attend a screening of their film hosted by Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, California. All winners will be responsible for their travel and lodging expenses to the red carpet screening hosted by Creative Artist Agency in Los Angeles, CA on March, 31st.

    Other prizes to be announced at a later date.

  • Is there a checklist for the entire process?

    To be considered a complete submission for Hall of Fame Films, make sure you complete the following steps.


    • Upload a 1-minute introduction video introducing your team by February 27th. It must also answer the question – “Why female content creators and stories about leading women in technology important now and in the future?”
    • Include presentation highlighting team members with brief bio and contact information for Writer, Director and Producer. (i.e. PowerPoint format).
    • Submit individual headshot images of team members in JPG format.


    • Receive industry assignment on March 1
    • Film /Prepare three 1 minute vlogs throughout the creative process (without revealing your heroine) highlighting areas such as:
      • Brainstorming
      • Filming
      • Editing
    • General social media engagement include @BSTEMProject and using the hashtag #HOFFilms2017
    • Upload final film on YouTube and email UNLISTED video link to bstemhoff@gmail.com
    • Include visual presentation of social media engagement (i.e. PowerPoint)

More Questions?

Contact us at: bstemhoff@gmail.com