What We Do


Our programs and events provide girls and young women prospects in business and STEM by creating access to information and opportunities, offering educational programming and promoting higher education. They allow us to educate, empower, and inspire youth on an on-going basis — particularly in communities that lack the infrastructure and resources needed to cultivate talent and foster innovation in this ever-emerging and expanding technology driven world.

We understand that today technology is central to all aspects of business. Therefore, at the core of all our programming initiatives is a fusion of business and technology. Participants explore an array of industries, career paths and topics with guidance from leading industry professionals as mentors. The overall mission is to create life-changing and transformational experiences that prepare young girls and women for the future.


Film Collaborative

This program teaches the business of filmmaking to 30 high school girls representing diverse backgrounds. The students attend a dynamic 4-hour intensive film development biz camp teaching them how to take a project from script to screen, exploring an array of topics which include

Girl Power Biz Camp

An intensive seven-day business tech development program that gives young women the ability to enrich global communities by conceiving and building a business based on solving a real-life problem utilizing technology.


Produce Co-op

An initiative that focuses on health, nutrition and how fruits and vegetables are essential nutrition to health and well-being. Participants take a compressive look at all those involved in the process from growers to retailers and create marketing campaigns for increasing awareness, demand and equitable accessibility.

What’s the Pitch?

Entrepreneurs come together in a collective think-tank to develop, create, and refine their business pitch presentations. This program is a rare opportunity to receive invaluable insight and strategies on how to enhance and sell business concepts.

Develop It

A 2-day weekend workshop where participants are paired with tech experts to learn a variety of skills including how to code, develop a website, design an app, explore visual arts, just to name a few.

Back To School

An opportunity for students and parents to come together and explore various targeted industries within business and STEM, where they discover ways to leverage technology to help bolster learning with exciting interactive workshops for families.

Consumer To Creator Studio

A dynamic opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and application of the latest in tech by exploring the various ways they interact with technology and how they can go from consumer to content creators.

Greenhouse Interactive

A one-day workshop that offers a hands-on learning experience centered on plant growth and development. Participants not only learn about plant life cycles, but also participate in a variety of fundamental experiments that enhances their knowledge and awareness of opportunities in biotech.

Lead Innovate

Interactive workshop that serves as a catalyst to leadership transformation and innovation. Participants explore their core attributes, strengthen skill-sets as well as discover and develop their leadership skills.


Innovative Science Lab

A dynamic opportunity to research, develop and present ideas that will enhance the well being of people, animals or plant life. Participants break into teams to explore solutions to problems facing our eco-system, helping them to think more critically about the world around them and how they can contribute to making it better.

B~STEM Project Extension

Helping organizations and institutions extend their programmatic reach through collaboration. It’s a great way in which their community of students can engage in business and technology based curriculums and events across industries. It also serves to increase community awareness and interests in business and STEM related disciplines.


Corporate Connect

An opportunity for participants to tour various companies and network with leading talent. They also engage in innovative activities while learning about the inner-workings of the organization, various job opportunities as well as talk with mentors about their goals and what it takes to achieve them.


Students have a unique opportunity to develop and produce short educational and entertaining docu-reality content. The content is fun and engaging, taking viewers exclusively behind the scenes of the company. It highlights different aspects of the organization and it’s mission while showcasing its dynamic and diverse talent.


With guided personalize instructions, participants learn engineering basics with a emphasis on exploration and trial and error field testing. They gain an understanding of how robots are designed, prototyped and used in various fields.

VR Experience

Providing tools that will enable youth to develop a firm understanding of virtual and augmented reality technology and its practical application. Students are able to participate in a variety of immersive experiences as well as build and explore virtual worlds.

Business of Sports

Participants learn about the the business of sports and career paths within the industry. Through coaching from seasoned professionals and peer collaboration they gain a wealth of knowledge while developing projects and engaging in real-life scenarios.

Tech Innovation Villages

Tech Innovation Villages are tech driven spaces we help to create for non-profit community organizations in disadvantaged communities nationwide. The villages are rooms designed or re-designed where the organization operates.