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Tech Innovation Villages are tech driven spaces we help to create for non-profit community organizations in disadvantaged communities nationwide. The villages are rooms designed or re-designed where the organization operates. The spaces are created in collaboration with organizations, academia, companies and professionals. Together we tap into our collective resources and network to garner computers, software, furniture, educational supplies and funding. Professionals volunteer their time, to develop the space as well as facilitate training, mentoring and programming. The villages are created and managed by the organization with the support of B~STEM Project, it’s partners, contributors and the community at large.


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The goal is to help non-profit organizations attain the technology resources necessary to empower youth in low-income communities. We seek to provide in-kind donations of desktops, laptops, tablets and/or software. The computers are primarily refurbished and donated to B~STEM Project by companies, groups and individuals.
In addition to the technology, we seek to help non-profit organizations design or re-design their tech spaces. Through our network we garner donations like paint, furniture, shelving units, lighting as well as school supplies. We understand that one’s physical learning environment impacts effective learning. We want to keep our youth positive, productive and inspired.
It’s not enough that non-profit organizations only become technologically equipped. We must also help them to increase technology literacy. There are many companies across the nation with talent desiring to share their knowledge and skills. We help to connect professional talent with organization looking to offer basic to advanced skill training in addition to developing or expand on their STEM programing.
There’s nothing we can accomplish alone, so we ask for you to join us. Whether it’s donating your time, expertise, resources, finances or extended network. Many non-profit organizations in our low-income communities are making invaluable contributions. Yet, they struggle with keeping up with this fast paced technologically driven world. The rate at which technology is changing how we live is far surpassing an organization’s capabilities to evolve.
We are always in need of resources to help us build a village. We’re looking for new or refurbished computers (i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets) in good condition and software. We’re very interested in gaining access to educational software across disciplines from game development and web design to screenwriting and music. Our goal is to expose youth to the vast array of skill development and career opportunities that exists.
Non-profit organizations looking to build a Tech Innovation Village inside their organization should e-mail a letter of inquiry to [email protected]. The letter must be on company letterhead and include name of organization, federal tax number, contact, website, years of operation, demographics, and a detailed request. Organizations that already have a tech space needing to be redesigned can apply. Please include pictures of the room. We only offer in-kind donations.

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We’re bridging the digital divide between tech education and inner-city communities nationwide, one village at a time.

We must continue to explore solutions to alleviating the technology deserts that exist within our low-income communities. This can only be accomplished by developing a wellspring of resources and opportunities. The lack of access and opportunity leave youth in underserved communities far behind and greatly unprepared for the future. Together with organizations, academia, corporations, local businesses and professionals we’re empowering the next generation of innovators and thought-leaders. We must provide access to the necessary tools and training to increase technology literacy. That’s why we’re galvanizing the community around fostering innovation and cultivating young minds. With your contribution we can help transform communities and in-turn the world!

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