Who We Are


B~STEM Project is an organization that helps girls engage, learn and grow in business and STEM disciplines across industries. Our goal is simple—to give participants the opportunity to get involved in business and tech driven activities, while also engaging in STEM-related fields. We believe it’s critical to provide opportunities for the next generation of women in tech, particularly in communities that continue to be underserved. We provide programming where they can explore various industries and career paths while fostering personal and professional growth. Being a part of B~STEM allows them to build new relationships with supportive peers, explore different career paths, and have access to a network of trailblazing professionals in the industry.


We are a group of people who love technology, are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and insights as well as empowering the next generation. B~STEM Project is not just something we do from day-to-day but its how we live. We understand that exposing and teaching youth about business and STEM related disciplines across industries is essential to their success. We’re passionate about serving as a gateway for exploration, creativity and ingenuity. Our team understands that awareness, knowledge and opportunity are the keys to not just a successful career but a bright future. We also truly believe that our TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK!

Tracie Dean Ponder

  • Martial Arts Enthusiast
  • Mother Theresa Admirer
  • Diversity Vigilante

Angela Avis

  • Mystery Ghost Writer
  • 80’s Rollerblade Queen
  • Vegan Foodie

Ken Toomy

  • Comic Book Fanatic
  • My Kid’s Superhero
  • Culture Junkie

Reginald Ponder

  • Film Critic
  • Basketball Gym Rat
  • Encourager

Diane Light Waight

  • Flower Child
  • “Light-Waight” Boxer
  • Mother To Many

Merylynn Valencia

  • Magical Music Maker
  • Mathematics Devotee
  • Self-Love Advocator

Dominick Salazar

  • Volleyball Enthusiast
  • Diversity Warrior
  • Boston Terrier Lover


B~STEM Project Ambassadors are young girls and women who are passionate and committed to inspiring other young girls and women to become interested in Business and STEM. Ambassadors make a one-year commitment to help further our mission in various ways:

  • They provide us with insights on our programs and events to ensure our initiatives are in alignment with our target audience
  • Ambassadors volunteer during our programs and events
  • Help us develop ideas for future programming
  • Participate in business and technology related events in their own



For consideration to become a B~STEM Ambassador, please apply below.

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